Can’t afford a tattoo?

We all have that one car taking up space!
Have you been waiting on the cash to receive that tattoo?
Can’t get rid of your car for cash?

We’re offering tattoos, worth over $5,000

Quarter sleeves, half sleeves, full sleeves, you name it. Let’s talk!

Trade-ins must start at $2,000

You can send us videos or photos to see if your vehicle qualifies for this promotion. Or simply bring in your vehicle and ask for “Nay” to find out on the spot.
You might follow through with booking your tattoo appointment for your exchange.

Please, come with an idea of tattoos you’ve been waiting for. Show us tattoo inspirational photos, get ready!
It’s going to be a fun ride!


820 N Alta Ave Unit J Dinuba, CA  93618 United States

Needlenay: (559)847-6536